The Dia Bear Educational CD

This CD is available to families where a child has been diagnosed with diabetes. The CD contains the following:

* Advice for parents of children diagnosed with Diabetes.

Contains interviews with parents of children with diabetes covering from diagnosis to initial days at home to getting back to school.

* The Dia Bear School Pack

Information for the teachers at school on how to monitor and prevent emergencies.

* A Letter to my Teacher.

A short note that the child can hand to his/her teacher when they go back to school again.

* Advice to baby sitters.

Information to leave with a baby sitter, grandparent or child minder should the parents need to be away for a while.


* Diabetes with Dia Bear

A comic strip educational presentation.

* Hi, I'm your Foot

Advice on good foot care for people with Diabetes

* Diabetes for Toddlers

A Short Story explaining Diabetes to pre-school Children

* A Basic Introduction to Diabetes

Basic information on Diabetes and its Treatment

* Advice for parents

Information for Parents of Children recently diagnosed with Diabetes.